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3 Signs Your Freezer May Need to be Repaired

We all know that when the freezer breaks, it seems to do so at the worst possible time. Usually, your freezer will stop working right after you have just spent $300 on groceries, and your freezer is full. Well, there are a few ways to avoid losing all of that food. There are signs that your freezer is about to break down; we will discuss three of them below.

  1. Not as cold as usual: if you notice that the items in your freezer are not as frozen ad they usually are, this is a warning sign. Your freezer may be working harder to keep your food frozen. A freezer continuing to work too hard will break down very soon.
  2. Door not closing properly: after years of continued use, the seal on your freezer door starts to go bad. When the seal isn’t working properly, your door will not stay tightly closed. This is something that needs immediate attention. The seal will continue to get worse, and your food will begin to melt.
  3. Self-defrost setting isn’t working: if you notice that your freezer is built-up with frost, and it has a self-defrost setting, then you have a serious problem. This is not a problem that will get better with time, if anything, it will get worse.

If you are experiencing any of the above warning signs, please contact a repair professional right away. Choosing to have your freezer repaired at the first sign of trouble will help to avoid a freezer disaster.

For more information on having your freezer repaired, please contact us.

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