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6 Tips for Maintaining Your Freezer

Having a freezer in your home is a great way to save money. They allow you to buy food in bulk for a better price and take advantage of a great sales price in the store. However, to get the most money on your investment there are a few simple tips that can help keep your freezer running for a long time.

Place Your Freezer In The Right Place – Freezers must be in a space where the temperature won’t drop below zero. So unless the garage or back porch is insulated avoid those areas and put it in the home.

Check The Temperature Regularly – To work best a freezer’s thermostat should read zero when you check. If your freezer does not have a thermostat then you can buy an inexpensive one to place in it. Adjust your settings as needed to maintain a zero-degree temperature.

Keep It Clean – It’s easy to keep your freezer clean inside with a damp rag and a small dab of dish detergent. Wipe down the inside and if there is a hard to clean sticky spot a cleaner like Goo Gone is a good option.

Check Your Seal – Keeping the seal in good repair on your freezer helps save you money. If a seal is old, cracked and not doing the job then your freezer has to work harder and use more energy. If you notice the door seal is in poor condition have it replaced.

Read The Manual – Be sure to read your model manual when you buy the freezer. Carefully read the instructions for placement, cleaning and maintenance.

De-Frost – You should defrost your freezer every 6 months to a year, or when there is half an inch of frost on the walls. Simply remove the food, unplug the unit, drain the water when it’s all melted, and plug it back in when the freezer is dry. Wait until it reaches the zero-degree mark inside before placing the food back inside.

These few simple tips can help your unit run at it’s best for a long time. If your unit does need looked at by a professional be sure to contact us today and one of our certified technicians can help.


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