Appliance Repair Service in Toledo, Ohio Values Customer's Time

Appliances never quit on us at a convenient time, do they? When dishwashers break down, they are usually full of dirty dishes. When a washing machine or dryer stops working, it usually does so mid-cycle when the load is soggy and the dirty clothes hamper is overflowing. And of course, as luck would have it, a refrigerator or freezer decides not to cool anymore just after you fill it with groceries.

If any of these situations sounds familiar to you, know that we at Dave Smith Appliance Services understand that an appliance in disrepair can be somewhat of a household crisis. For the past twenty-two years, the qualified technicians at Dave Smith Appliance Repair have sought to be the best appliance repair business in Toledo, Ohio. In order to be the best, our technicians are trained and certified by many of the major appliance companies. When a new customer calls us, we realize time is of the essence. We understand our customer’s time is valuable, and the more time goes by with an appliance in an inoperable condition, the more they are inconvenienced. Our customers can be assured that their appliance will be repaired correctly and in a timely manner so that any issue with their machine can be quickly resolved.

If you find yourself in need of our services, or to schedule a service call, contact us ! Our friendly, professional technicians will work hard to provide you with the very best repair service so that your problem is resolved in a timely manner and you, as our customer, are 100% satisfied.