Because Sometimes You Really DO Need A Maytag Repairman

If you watched any television from 1967 to the present, chances are you’ve seen a daytime commercial portraying the Maytag Repairman as “the loneliest man in town.” This brilliant advertising campaign that has been running in various forms for almost 50 years implies that the reason the repairman always sat in his office trying to find something to do to fill his lonely hours while waiting for his phone to ring, was that the appliances bearing the Maytag brand were so incredibly reliable, so thoroughly durable, that they never broke down. Because of the implied reliability of the machines, the repairman’s purpose in life was somewhat pointless.

Of course, the only problem with that is that Maytag, along with many major appliance brands, changed their practices over time. Today’s appliances have been become very complex machines, utilizing sophisticated computer boards and sensors. These machines require a higher lever of skill and expertise to repair properly and safely, and our expert technicians are highly trained and prepared for the task.

All of our personnel are certified Master Technicians and are equipped with the knowledge and skill set necessary to repair or service all large appliances, getting the job done right the first time, every time. No matter what brand appliance is in your laundry room, it is a mechanical device with fallible components, and will eventually need repair and proper routine maintenance. When you find yourself in need of appliance repair or services, contact us! Our friendly staff is committed to giving you quality repair with great customer service!