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how to reduce static in dryer

How to Reduce Static in Dryer & Laundry

With all the advancements in dryer technology, the presence of static cling has remained, well, static. Wondering how to reduce static in dryer naturally? Simply

dryer keeps running

Why is My Dryer Not Turning Off?

A dryer that doesn’t stop running can have multiple possibilities, including overloading with too many wet clothes. But when one check of this long cycle

dryer takes too long to dry

Samsung Dryer Not Drying? This May Be Why…

If you find your Samsung dryer not drying, don’t assume the worst just yet. There could be a simple solution. Common causes include:
1. Dryer is overloaded
2. Samsung moisture sensor needs to be cleaned
3. The wrong setting is being used
4. The dryer vents are clogged

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