What to Do When Your Front Load Washer Smells Moldy

October 1, 2020

Front load washers have several benefits compared to their top-loading counterparts, specifically lower energy and water usage and even cleaner clothes. But if you own a front load washer long enough, you’ll discover one of it’s biggest drawbacks: moldy odor. We’ll detail how to clean the tub and gasket when your front load washer smells …

What’s the Difference Between High Efficiency and Regular Washers?

October 1, 2019

High-efficiency washers arrived in the 1990s, bringing new technology, energy-saving, and money-saving capabilities compared to regular washers. Yet, after all this time, not many of us really know the difference between high efficiency and regular washer in more detail.

Common Washer Problems

May 15, 2015

Many people panic when their washer doesn’t work and immediately call for repair. Before you pick up the phone, troubleshoot your machine to save time and money. Here are several common washer problems that you can possibly resolve on your own. Top 4 Common Washer Problems If you own a washing machine, it’s good to …

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