We are a Certified Service Center

Many of us know how difficult it can be to find a reputable service center. There are a wide variety of businesses which fall under this heading, businesses servicing, repairing and bettering everything from electronics to automobiles to office equipment. Of course, Dave Smith services home appliances, items like refrigerators, ovens, dishwasher and washer/dryers. These are the kinds of items which we depend on every day, which we frequently take for granted. Having one of these appliances not performing at peak capacity really can alter one’s standard of living pretty tremendously, but if you hire the wrong service center to repair said appliance the effects can be even worse. As such, it’s great to have an organization like the Consortium of Certified Service Centers in your corner.

Basically, the Certified Service Center program is about quality control. Becoming certified under this program requires a great deal of effort and professionalism on the part of the nominee. When a business is considered for certification it undergoes an extremely rigorous examination. The guidelines to which the businesses must adhere are extremely strict. The business in question must have superlative customer service. Every employee must be qualified, talented and valuable, from management down. These businesses must follow every applicable federal and local regulation. They must be fully licensed and insured. Before a business can be certified, its manager must pass the national Certified Service Manager exam, undergo significant management training or hold an approved degree in business. Many businesses apply for membership, but significantly fewer receive it.

Once a business becomes CSC certified they must maintain a certain level of excellence. As such, any business with this certification can be considered entirely reputable. All of these businesses have excellent customer service, highly qualified employees, industry approved supplies and tools and a rigid code of conduct. Each of them is fully licensed, insured and highly competent in their chosen field. To keep their certification, each business awarded one by the CSC must maintain this level of excellence. We at Dave Smith Appliance are honored to have been selected to be a part of this fantastic program. After undergoing a meticulous review by the CSC they have granted us this distinction. We intend to honor their decision by maintaining the level of professionalism and care that earned us this certification in the first place.

So whether you’re having problems with your home or office appliances, your electronics or your sink, just look for a company with a CSC certification. With the CSC’s help you can take all the guess work out of choosing the right service center. You’ll receive the highest level of care possible, guaranteed. That’s a result of the CSC’s commitment to the consumer, and a result of the tireless efforts of the businesses who worked hard to receive their stamp of approval,