Common Washer Problems

Many people panic when their washer doesn’t work and immediately call for repair. Before you pick up the phone, troubleshoot your machine to save time and money. Here are several common problems that you can possibly resolve on your own.


Today’s washers have a fail-safe that suddenly turns them off when excessive vibration occurs. If this happens, rearrange the load inside. You may have overloaded the machine. Also check to see if the machine is level and add plywood underneath or otherwise adjust the legs. If you try these suggestions and the washer still won’t turn on, it’s time for a service call.


Water on the floor doesn’t necessarily mean a major repair. Leakage can occur due to improper balancing or alignment, loose hoses, leaking water lines or improper drainage due to clogs. Also check for worn hose washers and clean out anything that could block water flow.

Washer Won’t Run or Fill With Water

It may sound silly, but make sure that the washer is plugged in or that the outlet has power as sometimes circuit accidentally trip. Check hoses to make sure nothing has blocked water supply and examine valves to make sure the water supply is on. Some washers also need to have the lid switch engaged before filling.

Improper Drainage or Spinning

Clogged hoses, improper loading of clothes, obstructions or too much detergent commonly cause drainage problems.

If you still experience problems after troubleshooting your washer, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick and easy solution.