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Cooking With Toddlers Underfoot? Prevent Disaster with These Five Range Safety Tips

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The weather has turned cold here in Toledo, Ohio, and winter is definitely on its way! For many avid home cooks, that means its time to break out the soup pot to create warm, comforting soups, thick stews, and hearty chilies. While thoughts of simmering pots of deliciousness contribute to the ambiance of any home, we want our clients to be able to create these steaming bowls of comfort in a safe manner. That’s why we’ve put together this list of range safety tips for you and your family.

Our Top 5 Range Safety Tips

According to the National Burn Foundation, each year in the United States, approximately 250,000 children suffer from burns that are serious enough to need professional medical attention. Of those 250,000 cases, 100,000 of them are a result of contact with scalding liquid, such as when a child pulls a hot pot off of a stove. In 5,800 cases, a child is burned from direct contact with a range’s heating element.

If you are cooking with kids underfoot, whether your children, your grandchildren, or someone else’s, following these five safety tips can prevent severe burns from occurring. Out of all of our range safety tips, the most important is to NEVER leave children unattended in a kitchen while the range is in operation.

range safety tips

Cook With the Back Burners

Always cook on the back two burners. Unless you are cooking a full Thanksgiving feast, most meals do not require the use of all four burners simultaneously. Cooking on the back two burners will keep a significant distance between the heating element or gas flame and curious little fingers.

Reposition Pot & Pan Holders

Of all of our range safety tips, this may be the easiest. Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove where small hands cannot grab them. This tip works especially well if you also strictly cook on the back burners. You may also wish to have a stove guard installed.

Install Range Knob Covers

If your burner knobs are on the front of your stove where young children can reach them, consider having knob covers installed. This is especially important if your range is gas-powered.

Switch to an Electric Range

Consider switching from a natural gas stove to an electric range. While many cooks appreciate the quick response and even temperatures that natural gas applications afford, those little blue flames are quite an enticement for toddlers, as is also the click that they hear when you light your burner. Retro-fitting a kitchen for an electric range, even if only for a few years while children are small, maybe money well spent if it prevents a disastrous kitchen fire or personal burn from occurring.

Dave Smith Appliance Repair services all makes and models of ranges, both gas, and electric. And if you find your range burners sparking, call us for range repair to eliminate any further safety hazards in your kitchen.

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