Dave Smith Appliance, Specializing in High-Tech Washer and Dryer Repair

Having problems with your clothes washer? You are not alone. Although we have come a long way from the time when women beat their family’s laundry clean on the banks of a river, laundry equipment– even high-end laundry equipment– is eventually going to wear down and need servicing.

With all the recent technological advances that are now incorporated into modern laundry systems, it seems like there is nothing they can’t do. High efficiency washing machines can sense just how much water is needed to clean each load of clothing. Some can even dispense the exact amount of detergent or fabric softener. Dryers can now do more than just dry clothes, they can steam them as well, leaving your loads smelling good and wrinkle-free. Some models are equipped with sensors that automatically shut off when clothing is dry, resulting in less energy usage. Although modern washing machines are a great luxury for which we are all thankful, they can also be a great frustration when not working properly.

For the last twenty-two years, Dave Smith Appliance Services has been working hard to keep up with the latest trends and developing technology pertaining to all major appliance brands, including high-end and imported models. Our friendly certified master technicians are highly trained, dependable, and more than competent to service any troublesome appliance.

Next time your washer or dryer leaves you with a basket full of dirty or soggy clothing, contact us. Our goal is leave our customer’s 100% satisfied by providing honest work at a fair price, and to prove it, we offer a Ten Year Limited Parts & Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. To learn more about what Dave Smith Appliance Repair can do for you, follow us on Facebook, or check our website for money-saving offers!