Diagnosing Common Refrigerator Issues

Over time, all appliances are effected by constant, strenuous use. This is especially the case for refrigerators, not only because they must be constantly running, but because they used frequently throughout the day, every day. The decline in performance is often subtle and owners don’t detect signs of a problem until there is a major failure. Here are signs to look for that might indicate it is time to have your refrigerator repair services by a professional technician:

Happy African Technician Repairing Refrigerator Appliance In Kitchen Room

Inconsistent Temperatures

Optimum temperature for a refrigerator is 37 degrees, and 0 degrees for a freezer. These temperatures should be consistent throughout the space, regardless of whether it is in the front or back, or on the top or bottom shelf. If a refrigerator has difficulty maintaining temperature, it could be a sign of anything from dry rotted door seals or a failing cooling element. Higher than desired temperatures are especially problematic because it drastically reduces shelf-life of food and can encourage harmful and potentially dangerous bacteria growth.

Poor Energy Efficiency

An increase in public awareness as well as tougher state and federal standards have made refrigerator units increasingly energy efficient. Over time, the cost to operate will increase as the mechanical workings because less efficient. Routine service can help, but a qualified technician will also know the latest standards in energy efficiency and can help you decide when it is time to purchase a new unit.

Noisy Refrigerator

All refrigerators have some humming or whirring noises as a result of the compressor that is constantly working to regulate temperatures. A louder-than-usual compressor is a sign of stress on the component. It’s best to get it serviced before it stops working, leaving you with a refrigerator full of warm food.

If you have never had your refrigerator services, or you are experiencing one of the above problems, contact us to schedule a service appointment today. Our certified technicians perform dependable appliance repairs that will help extend the life of your refrigerator.