Does Your Dryer Need to Be Repaired?

Your dryer is one of the most important appliances in your house. If your dryer is not running properly, your whole day can be thrown off. Proper maintenance is the most important part of owning a dryer that will continue to run properly. Providing proper maintenance may include:

Cleaning the Lint Filter: clean your filter every time you dry a load of clothes, and clean the venting on the back of your dryer. Doing both of these will ensure that your dryer is not bogged down by excess lint, stopping it from drying properly.

Even with proper maintenance, your dryer can still break down. Here are a few signs that your dryer may need to be repaired:

Not Heating Properly: If the heat that is drying your clothes is not as hot a normal, and your clothes are taking a lot longer to dry, then your dryer may need to be serviced.

Timed Dry: If the timer on the dryer is not keeping time like it should, you have a problem. There are occurrences where the timer will run, but the dryer is not drying, or the timer doesn’t move at all. If you have noticed either one of these problems, then it is best to have your dryer looked at.

Finally, if you have kept up with the maintenance, and you run into a problem anyway, have it looked at by a professional. Please do not put off having your dryer repaired. If your dryer is making any unusual sounds, please have it serviced immediately. The best thing you can do is to have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

For more information on how to maintain your dryer, or to have your dryer repaired, please contact us.