Easy Ways to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean & Fresh

No one likes cleaning out a smelly refrigerator! Whiffs from last nights’ takeout, the macaroni salad for the picnic, and that big slab of leftover brie combine to create a noxious odor that lingers on long after the food itself is gone.

In order to achieve a clean refrigerator, experts advise emptying your fridge of all food products before removing all shelves and compartments to thoroughly clean the interior. Then, wash the removable shelves and compartments  in a baking soda and warm water solution.

Now, in an ideal world, all of us would have time to repeat this process every few weeks. But let’s face it: none of us really have that kind of time. Thankfully, there are several easy and quick ways to prolong the cleanliness of your fridge.

Perhaps the main thing is making sure you are mindful of what is actually in there! Before cooking or planning a meal take a peek in the refrigerator and see what leftovers or ingredients are readily available for immediate use. Using readily available foods will create a cycle of using the freshest ingredients while simultaneously helping you maintain a cleaner, neater fridge. This will also save you time and money while avoiding unwelcome “surprises” such as spoiled milk or moldy produce.

Secondly there are several effortless ways to maintain the odor free cleanliness of a recently scrubbed refrigerator. The popular method of leaving an opened box of baking soda inside to absorb odors is perhaps the most common. However, a small bowl of rolled oats or white vinegar have the same effect. Similar methods involve placing small, open containers of fresh dry coffee grounds, activated charcoal or even un-scented chlorophyll cat litter in the refrigerator to absorb unwelcome smells.

Although none of these methods are particularly complicated or labor intensive, they will no doubt help keep your refrigerator clean and fresh.

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