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Why Is My GE Dryer Making Noise While Running?


Modern clothes dryers are so quiet that any sound can seem like cause for alarm. Why is my GE dryer making noise that sounds like scraping? Loose objects like coins or paper clips can make scraping sounds as the dryer drum rotates. Learn how to distinguish between normal and abnormal sounds with these tips that simplify GE dryer noise troubleshooting.

How to Decipher a GE Dryer Making Noise

When a sound is unfamiliar it’s hard to tell if a GE dryer making noise is normal or indicative of a problem. We’ll list some common sounds that can help decipher if your dryer is operating as usual or sending out an SOS.

Normal GE Dryer Noises

A GE dryer making noise while running doesn’t always point to a problem. Some sounds are part of typical dryer function.

These dryer noises indicate normal operation:

  • Humming: The dryer’s blower wheel and motor make this noise as the dryer runs.
  • Brief squeak: This quick sound should only last a few seconds when the dryer first turns on.
  • Light thumping: Clothes make a soft thumping sound as they tumble in the dryer drum.

Abnormal GE Dryer Sounds

Abnormal sounds are usually louder or more continuous than those associated with typical operation and should be addressed immediately.

These common sounds may be abnormal but typically have a DIY fix:

  • Loud thumping: If wet items clump together in the dryer drum they can make a loud thumping sound as it rotates. Pause the drying cycle and redistribute clothing to break up any clumps. If you notice the dryer not turning off even after wet clothes are dry, you may need to check the moisture sensor for proper function.
  • Continued squeaking: Squeaks that last beyond the dryer’s initial start could be coming from loose screws. Check the screws in the drum as well as on the front and rear exterior and tighten them with a screwdriver if necessary.
  • Scraping: A dryer making scraping noise may be due to small, loose objects in the dryer drum. Coins, nails or paper clips can make scraping sounds, as can zippers or metal buttons. Pause the drying cycle to remove any loose objects and secure metal fasteners. Always check pockets before drying clothing and perform regular dryer vent maintenance to prevent loose items and debris from clogging vents. 
  • Rattling: Items in close proximity to the dryer can make rattling noises when the dryer vibrates during operation. Make sure there is nothing leaning against the dryer and that there is sufficient space between it and the washing machine.

Damaged Drive Belt

A GE dryer making squeaking noise that’s not due to loose screws may be caused by a damaged drive belt. The drive belt is suspended around the dryer drum via two pulleys, rotating the drum via the motor’s power. If it frays or tears, the drum can make a loud squeaking sound as it turns. A damaged drive belt must be replaced.

Drum Bearing is Worn Out

Is your GE dryer making grinding noise? This common sound is usually caused by a worn out drum bearing. This component supports the rear of the dryer drum but can wear out over time. If the drum is hard to turn by hand and makes these sounds when the drive belt is removed, the bearing requires replacement.

Failed Drum Roller

If you find your GE dryer making noise that sounds like rumbling, one or more drum rollers has likely failed. Pairs of rollers are typically found in the rear and/or front of the drum, supporting its weight and enabling it to rotate smoothly. If the roller becomes worn or misshapen, the drum will rumble as it turns.

Even if just one roller has failed, it’s recommended that you replace all of them at the same time.

If these loud noises continue, it may be time for a GE dryer repair service to assess the problem. Call or schedule your appointment online with Dave Smith Appliance Services!

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