Get Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently

Refrigerators work hard to keep your perishables cool. Because of their hard work, they use a lot of electricity and, over time they can take a beating. The good news is that there are several things you can do to help your refrigerator strain less and run as efficiently as possible.


If you are in the market for a new refrigerator, consider an Energy Star certified appliance. There are many to choose from and it will ensure you get off on the right foot. According to,refrigerators that have a top mounted freezer are the best models when looking to save energy.


The placement of your refrigerator in your kitchen matters more than you might think. If possible, don’t put it next to the oven. Heat that emanates from your oven or stove can affect your refrigerator and cause it to work harder than necessary to keep cool.


The coils on the back or underneath the refrigerator need airflow in order to avoid trapped heat. Make sure your refrigerator is a few inches away from the wall. Also, don’t use the top as storage. By keeping the top clear of knickknacks, boxes of food, dishes, and anything else, there will be nothing to block excess heat from escaping.


In addition to giving the coils space, keep them clean. Pull out your refrigerator and vacuum the coils. Dust and lint that accumulates on and around these coils means the compressor has to work harder and less efficiently than is ideal. If you have a built in refrigerator such as Sub Zero, Viking or Monogram the coils must be cleaned twice a year.

Another consideration is replacing old door seals. Over time, they do wear out, allowing seepage of warm air in and cool air out. Look for any visible signs of wear. Test the seals by closing the door on a dollar bill and measuring the resistance when pulling it out. Or call a professional to check the seals for you.

Shut It

Probably the most obvious ways to keep your appliance running at top efficiency is to keep it closed. Think about what you want before you open it instead of standing and browsing. When you load your groceries, do it as quickly as possible. When you are preparing meals, instead of opening and closing your refrigerator constantly, pull out as many ingredients as possible at once.

Cool Your Food

Before placing prepared food into your refrigerator, allow it cool off a little. No need to leave it out for unsafe periods of time. The key is to avoid putting piping hot food in which will make your appliance work extra hard to cool the food.

Making your refrigerator as efficient and easy working as possible is important for your wallet and for your appliance. Using these tips will help your electric bill, keep your food fresh for as long as possible, and reduce the wear on your machine.

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