Hear Unusual Noises? Schedule an Appliance Service Call

Many times, one of the signs that a large appliance needs appliance service is when a machine makes an unusual noise. Dryers are no exception. Sounds emitted from faulty dryers range from low-pitched humming, to high-pitched screeching. You may hear unusual clicking, or you may hear what sounds like shoes tumbling in a dryer that is actually empty.

The reasons for unusual dryer sounds are numerous. The drive belt on your machine may have slipped or may be frayed. The drum rollers that support the basket may have worn out and may need to be replaced. If your lint screen is torn, bits of lint may have worked their way into the blower wheel, causing the airflow to be blocked. The drum bearing or drum slides may need to be replaced.

If your dryer is making strange sounds, ignoring the problem will not solve the problem. Dealing with unusual noises sooner, rather than later, can prevent a small problem from becoming a very large one.

And speaking of large problems…

Generally, strange noises coming from dryers are a sign of mechanical failure. Recently, however, South Florida resident Cynthia Mullvain noticed a strange sound coming from her dryer after running a load of clothing through her washing machine. Since hissing is a rather unusual noise for a dryer to make, Ms. Mullvain investigated further, and that’s when she discovered a ten-foot king cobra hanging out underneath her dryer! The snake, named “Elvis,” had recently escaped from its enclosure in a nearby home. Wildlife Officials and the county’s animal services personnel were quickly called to re-capture the creature, and no one was harmed.

We certainly hope that all our customers are able to keep their king cobras contained. If you notice unusual sounds coming from your dryer, and your cobra is accounted for, contact us to schedule a routine service call. Our certified professional technicians will give your appliance a thorough inspection, and give you helpful tips on how you can keep your dryer running efficiently.