How To Clean Your Range

A quality range is an investment for your kitchen that you want to take care of. Properly cleaning your range is one way to ensure that it continues to work right and look like you just bought it.

Smooth Electric Tops – Make sure to use a cooktop cleaner and a scratch free pad to clean the surface and apply a cooktop protectant when done.

Knobs – Clean your knobs with a rag using soap and water. Don’t use an abrasive pad as this could wear the numbers off the knobs. If this occurs you may have to have a technician replace the entire control panel. Be sure that you do not get too much water when cleaning as water can get into the appliance and cause a dangerous short.

Door – Always clean the door when the appliance is completely cool. A heavy degreaser can be used on the outside of the door for hard to clean spills. Don’t use detergents or soaps on the inside of the appliance.

Inside – You should clean the interior of your oven three to four times a year. If your oven is a self-cleaning model than carefully follow the manufacturer instructions. If you have to manually clean the appliance make sure it is cool, apply the oven cleaner and wipe clean. Be sure to wipe up spills when they occur with a wet rag so they don’t become baked in, smoke, or possibly catch fire the next time you use the appliance.

Wire Racks – When the appliance is cooled remove the racks. Allow them to soak in your kitchen sink for 10 minutes and clean with a normal dish sponge. If you have a self-cleaning range do NOT leave them in while it is cleaning. This can cause the racks to warp and need replaced.

If you clean your range the correct way it will stay pretty and safe. If you do need a repair contact us today for a qualified technician.