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How to Troubleshoot a Dishwasher Making Noise

dishwasher is loud

Today’s dishwashers are so quiet that any unusual noise can seem startlingly loud. Why is my dishwasher making noise during wash cycles? Grinding sounds are likely due to food particles caught in the chopper blade. Clearing the blade of any obstructions should solve the problem. Determine common reasons your dishwasher is loud and the right solutions to silence the sound.

Common Reasons for a Dishwasher Making Noise

Troubleshooting a dishwasher making noise begins with the type of sound that it’s making. Certain noises are usually attributable to a specific problem. We’ll list several loud dishwasher sounds and their most likely sources.

1. Grinding Noises

Is your dishwasher making noise when draining that sounds like grinding? There’s likely something caught in the drain pump’s chopper blade. This blade is located just outside the pump and reduces lingering debris to small pieces that are easily drained. A piece of broken dish or glassware or a stuck food particle could cause a grinding noise when the pump drains water. 

Clearing the chopper blade of any debris should solve the problem. However, to access the blade, the drain pump housing must be removed, as well as the dishwasher’s impeller. The blade also requires replacement if it’s damaged from debris. A professional service can access, assess, and clean or replace the blade if you’re not comfortable with this level of intervention.

2. Thumping Noises

If you find your dishwasher making noise when water circulates it usually sounds like a thumping sound. First, make sure the spray arms are unobstructed. If an item is hanging below a rack, the spray arm may hit it as it rotates, making a thumping noise.

If there’s nothing obstructing the spray arms, check the drain hose below the sink. The hose may be thumping against the cabinet walls or stored items when water flows through it. In this case, reposition the hose so it doesn’t hit anything when in use.

3. High Pitched Noises

A dishwasher making noise with a continuous high pitch usually means the bearings on the circulation pump have worn out. This pump circulates clean water through the dishwasher spray arms during a wash cycle. In addition to high-pitched sounds, another sign that its bearings are worn out is a lack of water pressure through the spray arms.

When circulation pump bearings wear out usually the entire pump or its motor requires replacement. We recommend a professional repair service for this complex job.

dishwasher making noise

4. Buzzing Sounds

Buzzing sounds can also be attributed to a dirty chopper blade or a buildup of debris around the drain pump. If clearing the blade doesn’t stop the sound, the drain pump may require replacement.

In some cases, buzzing sounds may not be due to a dishwasher malfunction. A dishwasher making noise when filling that sounds like buzzing or vibrating can also be attributed to water hammer. This occurs when the dishwasher’s water inlet valve closes and rapid bursts of water rattle or vibrate your home’s water pipe. A plumber can better assess if water hammer is occurring and resolve the problem.

The expert technicians at Dave Smith Appliance Services can silence a dishwasher making noise. If you need more dishwasher-related help check out our blog on dealing with a smelly dishwasher.  Schedule a professional assessment or repair today for any dishwasher issues!

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