Is Your Dishwasher Wasting Your Time?

If you’re not loading it correctly, the answer is yes!  Dishwashers may have gained a reputation as a convenience appliances that make everyday life easier, but those with access to the time-saving machines should take heed that proper use actually requires some thought and effort! There is more to getting your dishes from soiled to spotless than most consumers realize.

For optimal performance there is a right way to follow (and a wrong way to avoid) when loading dishes into the dishwasher, and failure to load correctly “…ultimately leads to additional wasted time and water trying to rewash what didn’t get cleaned properly,” the exact opposite of what most consumers are aiming for.

So just what is the correct way to arrange dishes in your machine? Business Insider recommends following the guidelines below to get the absolute most out of each dishwasher cycle that you run.

1.  The top shelf should be reserved for bowls, cups, large serving utensils and items with irregular shapes.

2.  Bowls should be angled downward and stacked with ample room in between them.

3.  Cups should face down so that the insides can be reached by the sprayer, and wine glasses should be prevented from touching each other.

4.  The bottom shelf should be reserved for plates, flatware, pots, pans and any large items.

5.  Water jets, spray arms and the detergent dispenser must not be blocked by any dishes when loading the bottom shelf.

6.  Larger items should be loaded into the back and sides of the bottom shelf to leave the most room for other items.

7.  Plates must be stacked vertically.

8.  All bottom shelf items must be facing the center of the dishwasher, or they will not get clean.

9.  Place flatware in the dishwasher with handles down, and with all items mixed together, not with all similar utensils grouped together.

10.  Spin the spray arm with your hand before starting the wash cycle in order to make sure that there is adequate room for it to move.

11.  Do not overstuff the dishwasher.  Make sure there is room for detergent and water to move around and in between all of the dishes.

If you are following all of the guidelines mentioned above when loading your dishwasher and dishes are still emerging from complete wash cycles in need of further cleansing or rinsing, please contact us to have your dishwasher serviced in order to avoid wasting further time and water.