Is Your Icemaker Malfunctioning?

We never realize how much you use your icemaker in your refrigerator until it isn’t operating correctly. There are many reasons that contribute to an icemaker malfunction.

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If your water pressure is low, you may get ice cubes that are half the normal size, hollow in the middle, or you might not get any ice at all.

Ice cubes that are larger on one side than the other point to your refrigerator being unlevel and a larger accumulation of water on one side of the ice cube tray.

You will not get the maximum amount of ice cube production if your refrigerator and freezer are not at the correct temperatures. If it’s too warm in either compartment the cubes may only partially freeze, then dump from the ice cube tray into the ice cube bin along with some water. The water may then freeze in the ice bin and cause the partially frozen cubes to stick to it, so they cannot be pushed out of the bin through the door of your refrigerator.

Most modern refrigerators with ice makers require a water filter to provide you with clean water by removing contaminants from chlorine to lead to provide you with fresh tasting water and ice cubes. Water filters need to be replaced every six months to perform correctly. If not replaced every six months, the water filter will not allow maximum water to flow through it to the icemaker and you will get smaller ice cubes and eventually no ice at all.

There is a large array of parts that may be malfunctioning including the ice maker arm or the light beam that signals the ice maker to fill with water and freeze it. Kinked water lines and water leaks can be a culprit. Or the ice maker motor may not be working.

We can take the guesswork out of troubleshooting your icemaker. You can contact us for icemaker repairs by our certified appliance technicians.

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