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Your washer is essential to your everyday life. We have busy lives and when your washer breaks down, time is wasted.

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Common Washer Repair Problems in Monroe

Is your Bosch washer making loud noises? Maybe you’ve noticed your Samsung washer leaving your clothes soaking wet. These are issues we see every day. Our washer repair Monroe techs are prepared to tackle all these common problems and more:

Washer Won’t Drain
Another frustrating problem is a washer that won’t drain. The solution? Well, there are a few things that can go wrong that causes a washer to not drain. Like a washer that won’t fill, a broken lid switch won’t allow the washer to perform certain functions, like draining water. Your washer could also be clogged in either the drain pump or pump hose (or both). Clothes sometimes find their way into the draining system, so your washer won’t drain properly.
Washer Won’t Fill
As frustrating as this problem is, the fix is usually easy. You can even do some troubleshooting yourself before calling in the experts. A washer that won’t fill can be as simple as checking the lid switch on your washer. If it’s not working properly, your washer won’t know to start the fill cycle. Another thing to check is the water pressure coming from the water supply or a defective inlet valve. A broken inlet valve will cause low water pressure and needs replacement.
Washer Not Spinning
If your washer isn’t spinning, you’ll have sopping wet clothes that take twice as long to dry. There are a few reasons why this happens. A worn or broken drive belt is a very common cause. The motor coupling could be another culprit. This very important part of your washer protects the motor and transmission from damage by failing if the washer is overloaded. Repeated overloading will wear this part down and eventually cause it to fail. We make sure to have these parts stocked in our service vehicles so we can repair these washer issues fast.
Washer Leaking
The worst sight to see when it comes to your washer is water on the floor. Leave this problem too long and the consequences could be serious. A rusty washer and a water damaged floor are costly. We want to help you prevent that by providing fast washer repair in Monroe, MI. Our techs will inspect your leaking washer to see if the drain pump failed or if the tub seal is damaged. They’ll have it up and running in no time!

Reliable Service on All Major Brands

When it comes to broken dishwashers, we’ve seen it all. That’s why we’re the area’s top choice for dependable dishwasher repair Monroe. We can handle any repair issue from inefficient cleaning to full-on flooding in your kitchen.

We also service all dishwasher makes and models, so there’s no need to search for a company that will work on your unit. Dave Smith’s expert Monroe dishwasher technicians have the skill and the know-how to get the job done fast. Take a look at some of the models and brands we service.