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Why is My Dryer Not Turning Off?

dryer keeps running

A dryer that doesn’t stop running can have multiple possibilities, including overloading with too many wet clothes. But when one check of this long cycle reveals every item is already dry, a dryer malfunction is more likely. We’ll troubleshoot common reasons for a dryer not turning off, like a broken timer or cycling thermostat, and how to solve the problem.

What to Do for a Dryer Not Turning Off

If you find your dryer not turning off, it’s hard to know where to start, let alone find the right solution. We’ll narrow down the most likely reasons a dryer keeps running and pinpoint the right quick fix.

Dryer Timer is Not Working

Like a clock, dryer timers are powered by a small motor that rotates it to the off position during a drying cycle. Once it reaches this position, the dryer will stop running. However, if the motor breaks, the dryer timer won’t advance and reach the off position, continuing the cycle even if clothes are dry.

To determine if the timer motor is broken it needs to be tested with a multimeter. Most timers are located directly behind the controls or behind a panel in the back of them. If multimeter testing reveals a result outside the range of 2,000-3,000 ohms, the timer needs to be replaced.

Moisture Sensor is Defective

A dryer moisture sensor monitors the dampness of clothing, signaling the control panel to stop the cycle if the clothes are already dry. This function can save energy and prolong the life of your dryer by keeping drying times as short as possible.

When the moisture sensor is defective, you may feel your dryer takes forever to dry clothes. In other instances, you may find the dryer not turning off at all. You can test the moisture sensor by running a cycle with just a few dry items in the dryer. A functioning sensor will turn the dryer off in a few minutes. If the dryer keeps running, the moisture sensor requires replacement.

Dryer Door Switch is Faulty

If the dryer keeps running when door is open the problem is most likely a faulty door switch. This safety mechanism is located near the door, behind the dryer panel, and prohibits the drum from turning with an open door. A faulty door switch can be tested with a multimeter to confirm that it’s not working correctly. If the test results show a lack of continuity, the switch should be replaced.

dryer not turning off

Cycling Thermostat is Inaccurate

If your dryer won’t stop after investigating the above issues, it’s possible the cycling thermostat is inaccurate. A cycling thermostat is typically located near the blower housing and cycles heat on and off to regulate the dryer’s temperature. An inaccurate thermostat may not turn the heat on when needed and the dryer keeps running because clothes take longer to dry.

To determine if the cycling thermostat has failed, test it for continuity with a multimeter. If the thermostat has no continuity, it requires replacement.

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