My Dryer Won’t Shut Off-What Can I Do?

It may seem like a typical load of laundry as you put your clothes in the dryer, adjust the dial, press the start button and your laundry begins to tumble as usual.  Eventually you begin to wonder why your dryer hasn’t stopped.  Surely your clothes must be dry by now.  You open up the door, check the clothes and they are completely dry.  You take out all of your items, shut the dryer door and your dryer continues to run.

Uh-oh.  Now you know something is wrong.  You play with the dial a bit to make sure that it is truly set to the “Off” position and the dryer continues to run.  At that point, your only solution is to unplug the dryer from the electrical outlet and begin a search for a qualified repair technician.

There are several reasons why a dryer will continue to run past the time it should have shut off.  The problem could stem from a faulty timer which is located in the control console of the dryer.  Some newer models of dryers utilize sophisticated sensors and thermostat controls to detect the dampness level of laundry items and these sensors can malfunction.  In addition, some dryers have a feature where they use a thermostat at the end of the dry cycle that assists with a cool-down feature.  If this thermostat fails, the dryer can continue to run long past its drying cycle.  Last but not least, if the dryer continues to tumble after the door is opened, it most likely has a faulty door switch.

Our qualified technicians are able to diagnose and repair any issues that may cause a dryer to run continuously.  Please contact us and we will help get your dryer back up and running properly in no time.