Press Release – Dave Smith Appliance is a Certified Service Center

Since 1993 Dave Smith Appliance has been working to serve the people of Ohio, assisting them with all of their appliance repair needs. In that time we’ve amassed a fantastic staff full of highly skilled Master technicians who have gone on to help hundreds of people with everything from refrigerator problems to garbage disposal malfunctions to washer and dryer repair. Basically, if you have a home appliance that isn’t working to its peak level of potential Dave Smith can help. That’s the promise we’ve made to our customers for more than twenty years. Dave Smith has been recognized for their efforts with an A+ from the Better Services Bureau and superlative reviews from a host of happy clients. Now, Dave Smith is honored to report that we have been recognized by the Consortium of Certified Service Centers and have been officially made a Certified Service Center.

The CSC has extremely strict guidelines which the businesses they consider certifying must meet. One of the most important elements for any Certified Service Center to have is excellent customer service. The Consortium places a real emphasis on this element, and with good reason. After all, they created their organization to serve the needs of the public, and as such they must ensure that every business they certify values the needs of their clients above all else. Also, it goes without saying that every employee of the nominated business must be qualified to work within their field, possessing the experience and knowledge necessary to do superlative work. All managers must hold an approved degree in business, undergo detailed management training or pass the national Certified Service manager exam. Of course, no business will be certified if it does not follow federal and/or local regulations, of if it is not fully licensed and insured. Due to the strictness of these guidelines it is necessary for the CSC to exhaustively scrutinize every business they consider. Dave Smith Appliance recently underwent this process, and in the end of the CSC was very pleased with what they observed. As such, they invited us to join their ranks as a Certified Service Center. Dave Smith was honored to accept.

Being named a Certified Service Center isn’t about a title or bragging rights, it’s about a promise. By accepting this title we have pledged to continue to adhere to the CSC’s strict code of excellence. We pledge, as we have in the past, to hire only extremely qualified technicians, to use only the best materials and tools, to be there for our clients when they need our help or ask us a question and to continue the pattern of excellence which has defined Dave Smith from the very beginning. And whenever you need an appliance fixed, no matter what it might be, find a CSC-certified business. You won’t regret it.