Restaurant Equipment Repair Toledo, OH

It’s never good news when one of your commercial grills, ranges, ovens, microwaves, or fryers stops operating, no matter how big or small your restaurant is. Trust Dave Smith Appliance Service for your restaurant equipment repair in Toledo, OH.

Failed restaurant equipment can cause slower service and dissatisfied customers. Instead of frantically scrambling to make ends meet with orders, call the Dave Smith Appliance Services experts for your restaurant equipment repair.

When you contact Dave Smith Appliance Services for your restaurant equipment repair, you can trust our expert technicians to have your repair completed professionally and efficiently. We are committed to getting your restaurant back up and running fast.

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Our Restaurant Equipment Repair Services

Because of Dave Smith Appliance’s dedicated parts department, our service technicians rarely have to order additional materials for the repairs they make. If ordering a part is necessary, we’ll generally receive it within a day or two. Any jobs which require an additional part will receive priority so that we can install your missing item as soon as it comes in.

Every member of the Dave Smith Appliance team, from our customer service experts to our parts department specialists to our experienced service technician, ensures that your appliances will be fixed as quickly and effectively as possible. If you have a piece of restaurant equipment or an appliance that no longer functions the way it should, contact us today and see the difference that calling Dave Smith Appliance can make.
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Toledo's Top-Rated Restaurant Equipment Repair Service

Dave Smith Appliance Services is proud to be Toledo’s top choice for restaurant equipment services. Do you have a commercial gas range not lighting, or a commercial fryer leaking oil? You can trust us to provide high-quality, fast service at an affordable rate for a variety of restaurant equipment.

Restaurant Equipment Brands We Repair

There’s a reason why so many local restaurant owners choose Dave Smith Appliance Services for their restaurant equipment repair needs. You don’t have to search far for a technician that knows how to fix your equipment brand. We service a wide range of major and high-end brands.

You can count on Dave Smith Appliance Service for a lasting repair for your restaurant equipment.

Contact us today for service on any of the following brands and more: