Soggy Sneakers? Be Kind to Your Dryer, Try a Drying Rack!

Over the past few years, America has seen a huge rise in recreational running. As a result, the market has been flooded with running shoes. As any runner can attest, those babies aren’t cheap. Whether you are a three-mile-a-week novice or an experienced marathoner, you are sure to agree that investing in a good quality shoe is important. Runners only have one set of feet, and their joints appreciate a good quality support cushion between their feet and the road.

Most runners very quickly discover that running shoes are constantly getting wet.  Runners often run through puddles, they run in the cool of the morning when the earth is covered in dew, they sometimes get rained on, and they ALWAYS sweat! Keeping those shoes in optimum condition requires that they are thoroughly dried in between uses. But is tossing them into the dryer and letting them clunk around for twenty minutes the best way to dry them?

In order to get the maximum use out of both your shoes AND your dryer, we suggest our customers consider the installation of a front load drying rack. These inexpensive racks are designed to hold items that you do not wish to tumble, such as shoes, ball caps, sweaters, pillows, delicates, stuffed animals and more. Instead of the traditional tumbling, the rack holds said items while the warm, dry air circulates around them, thus resulting in perfectly dry items that have not gotten tangled, twisted, rumpled, or stuck in your machine.

For assistance in ordering a drying rack that will work in harmony with your machine, contact us!