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Dave Smith Appliance Services offers outstanding expertise in range repair throughout the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas. One key concern you face when in search of repair services for stoves along with other such appliances could be not knowing what the problem is.

When you simply have no notion what could have occurred to your kitchen stove, you may have a tendency to be wary of anyone touching it unless you know that they’re particularly sure the individual handling it knows what they are doing. In this scenario, range repair Toledo services with Dave Smith Appliance Services is what you want, considering that the technicians will go out of their way to treat you and your appliances with the utmost respect.

There are various brands of ranges and stoves in the market place and each may have their exclusive characteristics. Servicing or repairing ranges requires a high level of experience besides the fundamental technical knowledge which just about every new technician fresh from college could have. For this cause, Dave Smith Appliance Services presents a top-tier collection of qualified specialists who not only have the qualifications to deal with stove repairs but the experience that has been accrued over time as well, making them the most sought after team of technicians when it comes to stove repairs.

Dave Smith Appliance Service technicians have the qualifications needed to service all ranges, whether they are gas, electric, or induction. Our range repair Toledo experts can service any configuration as well, no matter if you have a cooktop, stove, or full range.

When you choose us for range repair in Toledo, you won’t have to worry whether or not we work on your brand. From GE range repair to Viking range repair Toledo has our word— we can fix any brand with expertise. Still not convinced? Check out the complete list of brands we service.

  • Wolf
  • Viking
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • GE
  • Electrolux
  • Frigidaire
  • JennAir

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Range Repair Toledo Troubleshooting Tips

Having a range in need of repair can throw off your whole routine; goodbye homecooked meals, hello food delivery! Before those mobile food apps break the bank, you might want to get your stove fixed. The good news is, the best technician for range repair Toledo can offer is just a phone call away!

Ranges are fairly complex appliances; however, this doesn’t mean impossible to fix. To know more, just take a look at the troubleshooting tips below. You may get lucky and be able to fix the issue yourself! However, don’t hesitate to call for a stove repair Toledo technician if the solution is above your DIY skills.

Stove Burner Won't Light

You turn the knob and hear the telltale sound of the igniter click-click-clicking away, but nothing happens. You suspect the worst — that your stove burner won’t light. This is a fairly common problem, which is most likely caused by one of these parts malfunctioning:

  • Spark module
  • Spark ignition switch
  • Spark electrode

  • Want the steps to testing these stove parts? Read about it here.

Surface Element Stays On

Maybe you’re having the opposite problem: Your range’s surface element won’t turn off! Most common in electric stoves, this can be an alarming problem to have, but an easily testable one, and one that can be diagnosed quickly. You’ll need a multimeter for this.

  • Check for visible damage to the element.
  • Test it with a multimeter.

With either of these problems, the fix is a simple replacement, which we’re experts in.

Range Vent Not Working

If your vent hood doesn’t do its job, you could wind up in a kitchen you can’t stand the heat in— or a couple tripped smoke alarms! No one wants that. In order to test it out, you may have to get “under the hood” to look. Many malfunctions are caused by these problems:

  • Loose fan blade
  • Obstructions in filters
  • Faulty fan motor.

  • If this is beyond your DIY capabilities, our range repair Toledo experts can fix it.

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Dave Smith Appliance Services is a locally owned and operated appliance repair company right here in Toledo, OH.

All of our professional technicians are trained and certified to work on nearly every brand and variety of range, cooktop, and stove. Luckily, our Toledo range repair technicians can solve almost any problem you could have.

We sure are proud of our technicians, but we’re more proud of the service that we can perform for all of our neighbors in Toledo — just listen to what they have to say: