Sub-Zero — The Best of the Best

To call Sub-Zero an appliance manufacturer doesn’t do the company justice. It is the Rolls Royce, or to put it in a more modern context, the Tesla of the refrigeration industry.

Refrigerator Repair in Toledo Ohio

Sub-Zero’s two-compressor configuration allows the refrigerator and freezer to run on separate cooling systems as well as providing back-up in the rare event one compressor fails. And dual-system microprocessors continuously fine tune temperature and humidity parameters which keep food fresh far longer in a Sub-Zero than in any other brand.

The air purification system was designed by NASA for use in the Space Shuttle. And Sub-Zero’s shelves and drawers are made of Lexan, a state-of-the-art plastic used in space and sports helmets as well as bullet-resistant windows and windshields.

Whether built-in or free-standing, stainless steel or paneled to match your kitchen cabinetry, all Sub-Zero units are strikingly beautiful, simultaneously standing out and blending in perfectly with your decor.

People who choose Sub-Zero products want only the best. They are very discerning and uncompromising about what they put in their homes.

Like their customers, Sub-Zero is very discerning and uncompromising about who installs and services their systems. These aren’t unload it, plug it in and walk away installations. Only technicians with the highest levels of expertise are qualified to work on Sub-Zero refrigeration systems.

Like Sub-Zero, Dave Smith Appliance Services is family owned and uncompromising in the level of service we provide. All our service personnel are Certified Master Technicians. Dave is a Certified Service Manager as well.

Contact us to arrange an appointment to install or repair your Sub-Zero. We guarantee a 24-hour response time and the high level of expertise your Sub-Zero refrigeration system demands.