The Professional Certifications of Dave Smith Appliance Services and How they Benefit You!

Have you ever heard the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover?” The implied meaning of this saying is that outward appearances are not always an accurate depiction of what is inside. While it is true in literature, it is also true in appliance repair. Just because an appliance repairman has a professional-looking website, a flashy business card, or a winning smile, does not mean he possesses adequate knowledge to complete your repair.

Because we take our job seriously, the appliance repair technicians at Dave Smith Appliance Services hold professional certifications that not only give our company an increased level of credibility, but also keep our staff at a constant level of readiness that is vital in order to keep up with the ever-evolving technology that is included in modern appliances.

We are a Certified Service Center, and as such, hold ourselves to a high standard in order to give you the best possible repair experience, with outstanding customer service. This means you can expect us to use good business practices in every situation, maintain a professional appearance and bearing while servicing your appliances, retain appropriate business insurance coverage, and adhere to the CSC Code of Conduct.

Furthermore, all of our technicians are Certified Master Technicians through the Professional Service Association, and Dave is a Certified Service Manager.

So the next time one of your appliances lets you down, and you find yourself in need of a trusted appliance service company, contact us so that we may put our professional certifications to work for you!