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To Repair or Replace… That is the Question

If you have ever dealt with a finicky appliance, you have probably wondered at what point you should forgo having your machine repaired and at what point you should invest in a newer model. Since we depend so heavily on our washers, dryers, ovens, dishwashers, and certainly refrigerators to make our lives easier, we want to be able to use them when we need them and expect them to operate correctly at all times.


But continuing to repair aged appliances can seem like an inconvenience. At what point is it appropriate to kick your old appliance to the curb and replace it with a newer model? Obviously, the proper answer to that question would involve many variables, two of which are cost and convenience.

  • Cost – Yes, replacing your old appliance with a new model can be quite a hit to your budget, but appliance repair can have the same effect, especially if multiple repairs are required in a relatively short time.
  • Convenience – Obviously, the convenience issue means different things to different people. The parent of six children, who does twelve loads of laundry per week can be highly inconvenienced when the family washer breaks down, necessitating multiple trips to the local laundromat, lugging heavy laundry baskets, with multiple children in tow.

These days, money is tight for a lot of people, so it pays to be smart with what you have. Before swiping your card to make that large purchase, have a frank conversation with one of our appliance repair technicians, about what you can expect for the future of your machine. It is quite possible that with a little routine maintenance, and proper care, your appliance will continue to enjoy a long, successful run.

If you are struggling to determine whether or not the time has come to replace your machine contact us before you make your final decision.

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