Why Appliance Repair Should Be Your First Resort

Your appliances are working well. However much you use them, at least you can rely on them to get the job done when you do. But what about the times they don’t work right or break down?
Equipment can and does malfunction

Knowing how to use an appliance is not the same as understanding how everything works inside and what repairs require. It is very tempting to try to repair an appliance yourself, and possibly do more damage; worse is to replace it altogether. Regular maintenance is a given, and you can also troubleshoot it yourself when it does not function correctly. However, figuring out exactly what is wrong is only part of the problem. Getting the right part and repairing it in a reasonable amount of time is another.

Leave appliance repairs to those who know

The professional technicians at Dave Smith Appliance Services are there for you when you are left hanging. They are all MCAP certified, with Dave as a CSM. Everyone being this highly certified is sure to deliver excellent customer service. You will not find a service company like ours.

You will have to take some time out of your day, but we make up for it by quickly and accurately repairing your appliance so that it’s fully functional again. We get right to the solution for your problem, and you know how long the repair will take. That way, you can go right back to your household with no time or hassle wasted.

Dave Smith Appliance is our service area’s only Certified Service Center, demonstrating our commitment to quality repair and great customer service. Do you care about getting the most years of service from your appliances? So do we. Dave works on repairing them, so your investment is worthwhile. For more information on appliance repair, contact us.