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Why is My Samsung Front Load Washer Not Spinning?


While a washer that won’t spin seems like it never will again, it doesn’t always mean it’s time for a replacement. Why is my Samsung front load washer not spinning? An unbalanced wash load may need to be distributed more evenly. Learn the most likely reasons why your washer isn’t spinning to quickly restore proper function.

Samsung Front Load Washer Not Spinning? This Could Be Why…

Though a part failure may be the reason for a Samsung front load washer not spinning, the problem could also have a simple solution. Here’s how to troubleshoot spinning issues to determine if a DIY fix or professional repair is the answer.

#1. Unbalanced Washer Load

When the washer load is out of balance clothing often clumps on one side, making it harder for the drum to spin. Imbalances can occur when the washer load needs redistributing or if there are too few or too many items in the drum. 

Here’s how to fix an unbalanced load when your washer doesn’t spin:

  • Redistribute the load: Pause the wash cycle, open the door and relocate items more evenly throughout the drum.
  • Avoid overloading: When too many clothes are in the washer drum the increased weight can reduce spinning and strain washer components. You may also find the washing machine making noise that’s louder than usual during spin cycles. To avoid overloading, make sure there’s at least a hand’s width of space between the top of the clothing and the top of the washer.
  • Balance oversize items: When washing a single, large item, like a comforter, balance the load with a few smaller items to prevent clumping.
washer spin cycle not working

#2. Dirty Pump Filter

All front load Samsung washers have an accessible pump filter that screens out debris, preventing drain pump blockages. However, Samsung recommends monthly filter cleanings so clogs don’t impair the filter itself. A dirty pump filter can lead to draining problems that leave water in the washer drum. When it detects an excess of water, a washer won’t spin clothes.

Follow these steps to clean a dirty pump filter:

  • Open the filter access cover on the front bottom corner of the washer.
  • Remove the drain hose and take off the cap.
  • Drain the hose into a bowl until no water remains.
  • Replace the cap and drain hose.
  • Remove the debris filter by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Dispose of any debris in the pump filter and the pump propellers in the filter housing.
  • Rotate the debris filter clockwise to secure it back in place.
  • Close the filter access cover.

#3. Faulty Door Latch

To prevent leaks, a front load washer door latch holds the door securely shut during wash cycles. When the door isn’t latched properly, the switch that connects to the door latch prohibits the washer from starting. If you find your Samsung front load washer not spinning even if the door is properly closed, the door latch may be faulty. When it malfunctions, the switch won’t be prompted to signal the wash cycle to spin and start.

If the door latch appears damaged or fails multimeter testing with a lack of continuity, it must be replaced.


#4. Damaged or Broken Drive Belt

The drive belt encircles the washer tub via two pulleys and rotates the tub via the motor’s power. Over time, this thin rubber belt can fray, loosen or break. When this happens, you’ll find your Samsung washing machine not spinning smoothly, quietly, or, if the belt is broken, not spinning at all. If inspection of the drive belt shows damage like fraying, loosening, or breakage, it must be replaced.

#5. Worn Drum Bearing

A washer spin cycle not working at all may have a worn tub bearing. This component on the outer wash tub helps the inner tub rotate smoothly. If it wears out, it can prevent the tub from spinning or cause a loud rumbling sound during spin cycles. While a drum bearing can be replaced, we recommend that a professional service perform this complex Samsung washer repair. In some instances, you may be advised to consider replacing the washing machine.

The experts at Dave Smith Appliance Service can fix a Samsung front load washer not spinning, draining, or washing sufficiently. Contact us for all your laundry appliance concerns!

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