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Why Is My Samsung Refrigerator Running Loud?

Samsung refrigerator running loud

Most refrigerators run so quietly that any noise can seem startling. Why is my Samsung refrigerator running loud? While a brief rattling sound can occur as the compressor slows down, continued rattling could indicate a water inlet valve malfunction. Determine the meaning behind normal noise and suspect sounds when your Samsung refrigerator runs loud.

What to Do When You Hear Your Samsung Refrigerator Running Loud

A Samsung refrigerator running loud doesn’t always indicate a malfunction. In fact, some sounds signify normal operation. We’ll list the most common noises, their meanings and how to silence them when they point to a problem.

Hissing, Gurgling, or Bubbling

Is your Samsung refrigerator making noise that sounds like hissing or gurgling? Hissing noises commonly occur if water from the defrost system drips on the defrost heater. This normal occurrence is part of regular operation and shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Similarly, gurgling or bubbling noises are common as the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas. These noises are a normal part of the refrigerator’s cooling process.


A Samsung refrigerator rattling noise is common and could have several possible causes.

Here’s why rattling noises occur:

  • Normal compressor operation: The compressor may rattle as it slows down before coming to a stop. The rattling should be relatively quiet and last for under 10 seconds before stopping completely.
  • Refrigerator is too close to the wall: Refrigerators may move slightly as they operate. If the refrigerator is placed too close to the wall, this motion can create a rattling sound. To quiet a Samsung refrigerator running loud, move the unit an inch away from the wall. Make sure there’s at least an inch of space on all sides of any enclosure.
  • Faulty water inlet valve: This valve opens and closes to allow water to enter the refrigerator from your home’s water supply. If the valve malfunctions or becomes clogged with sediment, it could rattle as it operates and should be replaced. 

Samsung refrigerator runs loud


During ice production the ice maker’s motor may make grinding sounds when dispensing ice cubes. These sounds are also commonly heard when the ice maker produces crushed ice. While you may find your Samsung refrigerator running loud during this process, it’s typically part of normal operation. However, if you hear a grinding noise when the ice maker isn’t in use, it’s possible that one of the refrigerator’s fan motors is failing.

A condenser and evaporator fan help cool the refrigerant and blow cool air into the refrigerator. When either fan motor fails, you may hear a grinding noise or notice that the refrigerator isn’t cold. If multimeter testing of a fan motor shows a lack of continuity, it needs to be professionally replaced.

Buzzing and Humming

Low buzzing or humming sounds are a common part of normal refrigerator functions. You may hear a quiet buzzing or humming as water fills the ice maker. The compressor also makes a quiet humming sound as it runs. However, a Samsung refrigerator making loud humming noise can indicate a problem and shouldn’t be ignored.

When the ice maker makes an exceptionally loud humming or buzzing sound as it fills, the water pressure may be too high. Try lowering your home’s water pressure to avoid ice maker malfunctions. If you notice that the refrigerator runs constantly or the compressor hums so loudly it can be heard from another room, it could indicate failure. So, how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor? A professional evaluation can determine if the compressor is faulty and in need of replacement.

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