Appliance Repair in Blissfield, Michigan

We offer you immediate appliance repair whenever you experience problems with any of your major appliances. In Blissfield, Michigan and it’s surrounding neighborhoods, Dave Smith Appliance Repair is available for your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we offer same day repair service. Our technicians will provide you with a cost estimate for approval before we start any work on your appliance. We repair and service all models and brands of major appliances. We offer the lowest appliance repair pricing in Blissfield and even have a low-cost match policy to make sure that you pay the lowest possible cost for any appliance repair when it is performed by us. We don’t charge extra for travel or for weekend and night appointments.

Call us anytime to schedule an appointment for the same day with Blissfield Appliance Repair Specialist, Dave Smith Appliance Services.

(888) 217-3918

Please note: We don’t work on small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, sewing machines etc. We work only on major appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dishwashers etc.

You can notify us about your appliance problem via email. Include your name, phone number and a brief explanation of your appliance’s problem and we will respond and schedule your Blissfield Appliance Repair as soon as possible.

The info we provide on our website is here to help you gain more knowledge about your appliances. More efficient usage can help you save on your gas and electric bills and on possible future repairs by extending the usage of your appliances. Warning: APPLIANCES CAN BECOME DANGEROUS IF YOU TRY TO REPAIR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE, TRADE KNOWLEDGE, AND THE RIGHT TOOLS. We advise you not perform any appliance repairs on your own. Appliance repairs attempted by anyone without professional experience, training, and understanding of gas and electrical systems can become very dangerous. For professional assistance call our major appliance repair technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at:

(888) 217-3918


Control refrigerator prevent odors from spreading, make sure all food is wrapped, covered, or bagged in plastic. The only exception is the fruits and vegetables stored in crisper drawers. And in a frost-free, bag those too otherwise they’ll dry out. Before refrigerating any liquid, put it in a tightly sealed container. Moisture that evaporates inside a refrigerator just makes the unit work harder. To cool food quickly before freezing (and to reduce energy costs) set hot pans in ice water. Wrap the food and freeze it at once. When stocking an empty freezer, add 3 pounds or less of unfrozen food per cubic foot of space each time until the freezer is full. This will allow the food to freeze quickly and thoroughly, retarding the growth of bacteria. Keep a freezer inventory list. It cuts the time you keep the freezer door open looking for food and helps you use older items first.

Knowing how many years you’re likely to keep an appliance helps you to compare models more accurately than if you base your purchasing decision on just the initial cost. With a major appliance, first find estimated yearly cost on the appliance’s energy guide label, then multiply that yearly cost by the appliance’s estimated life. Add the result to the purchase price and you will have a good approximation of the appliance’s true cost.

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