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When your dryer is on the fritz, your daily routine is interrupted. Dryers help save you time and leaves your clothes crisp and dry. We know it’s more than just an inconvenience when your dryer stops working.

At Dave Smith appliance, we provide fast and friendly service to get your dryer up and running in no time. Our technicians are trained to be the leading experts for dryer repair Monroe, MI.

Dryer Repair Monroe

Dryer Repair Monroe Troubleshooting

Dryers perform one simple, yet convenient task: to dry our clothes. It’s easy to take them for granted until they break down. Many issues lead to a dryer to malfunction, but our technicians can tackle any dryer repair problem in Monroe including:

Dryer Won’t Start:
There are numerous reasons why a dryer won’t start – a blown thermal fuse, faulty door switches, and a defective drive motor are just a few parts that can fail. Expert diagnosis is needed to get to the bottom of why your dryer won’t turn on. Our technicians are equipped and ready to find the problem and fix it fast.
Dryer Making Loud Noise:
Loud noises from your dryer can be concerning. Luckily, most of the parts causing this problem can easily be replaced by one of our service technicians. Issues that commonly cause your dryer to make loud noises include a damaged or broken drive belt, worn drum roller, or a faulty drum bearing.
Dryer Won’t Heat:
If your dryer doesn’t heat, it could take just as long to dry your clothes as if you hung them outside to dry. Blocked venting, a faulty heating element, uneven loads, and plugged up lint screens are common problems why a dryer is not heating up.
Dryer Not Spinning:
A dryer that doesn’t tumble is virtually useless. Don’t worry! The technicians at Dave Smith are prepared to provide quick and dependable dryer repair Monroe for a dryer not spinning. Common parts that cause this issue are a broken drive belt, a worn drum bearing, and a malfunctioning motor.
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Expert Dryer Repair Monroe Services

If your Samsung dryer is making loud noises or your Whirlpool dryer won’t heat, our highly trained technicians are here to help. They are always up to date with the latest training on most leading brands of gas and electric dryers.

Dependable Service on All Major Brands

  • Samsung
  • Bosch
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • Amana
  • GE
  • And many more!