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A broken range is disappointing. That delicious meal you planned? It can’t happen if your stove stops working.

Luckily, Dave Smith Appliance Services knows how important a stove is in your life, so we’re here to repair it fast. Our service technicians are ready to take on any range repair Monroe, MI. We’ll have it up and running in time for dinner!

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Range & Stove Repair Monroe Troubleshooting

Ranges are some of the most heavily used appliances we have in our kitchen. With three meals a day (and maybe a couple of snacks), wear and tear on your stove is inevitable. Our highly-trained technicians at Dave Smith Appliance Service are here to help you with any stove repair problem including:

Range Won’t Light
If your range doesn’t light, there are a few things you can check before calling the professionals. The easiest thing to check is if there is grease or food buildup in your gas burner. If your stove seems pretty clean, either a faulty igniter or loose connection could be the cause. No matter the problem, our technicians can help.
Range Won’t Heat Up
If you have an electric stove, a common issue that can happen is a range that won’t heat. With a problem like this, you’ll most likely need the part that’s causing the problem replaced. A faulty surface burner element, a damaged terminal block, or a failing burner switch are all parts that cause a stove top to not heat up.
Range Won’t Stop Clicking
The clicking from a gas stove is a familiar sound. But what does it mean when it doesn’t stop? The causes vary, and it’s either a straightforward problem, or you’ll need an expert to repair the issue. A misaligned burner cap, food debris, and excess moisture are causes you can check and fix yourself. But if none of these reasons are the cause, the ignition switch may be broken and will need replacement.
Range Won’t Turn Off
A stove that doesn’t turn off can quickly turn into a dangerous fire hazard if not taken care of. Luckily, Dave Smith Appliance provides fast service on range repair Monroe. There are quite a few parts that can fail and lead to a range that won’t turn off. A broken knob, malfunctioning control pad, or faulty surface element are just a few potential causes.
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Range Repair Monroe Services

Worried that you can’t find a repair service that is not only reliable but also has the knowledge and expertise for your brand? Don’t worry! Our technicians at Dave Smith Appliance Services are always up to date with the latest technologies for range repair in Monroe.

We’ll service any Range Configuration

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  • Range ovens
  • Glasstop
  • Induction
  • Dual fuel
  • Gas
  • Electric