Oven Use Tips for Holiday Cooking

Dave’s Tips

  • Christmas and Holiday cookies depend on a very well preheated oven and good quality, shiny pans to prevent the delicate, thin cookies from excessive bottom browning.
  • Cookware, especially cookie sheets, can darken with age. An old cookie sheet that used to work well when it was new, may cause excessive bottom browning when they darken.
  • Because dark pans cause browning, old dark cookie sheets are great for baking french fries!
  • Use aluminum foil sparingly!
  • Keep the door closed! (If you’re lookin’ it ain’t cookin’)
  • Don’t run the self-clean on your oven too close to Thanksgiving. If it malfunctions during the process you may be left without. Do it now or wait until after your holiday dinner. If you need a repair you should schedule ASAP.