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Laundry FAQ: How to Get Pet Hair Off Blankets in the Wash

remove pet hair from laundry

It goes without saying that we love snuggling our furry friends. However, we don’t usually love the pet hair that’s left behind. But how to get pet hair off blankets in the wash when nothing else works? We’ll answer some FAQs about how to wash blankets with pet hair as well as how to prevent pet hair washer damage.

Wondering How to Get Pet Hair Off Blankets in the Wash? We’ve Got the Answers

How to get pet hair off blankets in the wash can be one of the ultimate laundry challenges. Dog and cat hair has a way of weaving itself into fabrics and even causing damage to washers. We have the best way to wash dog blankets that will get them clean and protect your washer.

FAQ #1. Can Pet Hair Damage My Washer?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. When water combines with pet hair, it creates wet clumps. Wet clumps of dog and cat hair not only stick to clothing but to the sides of the washer drum.

These clumps then ultimately find their way to the washer’s drain pump. Multiple clumps of hair can cause drain pump clogs that result in a washer malfunction or even water damage to your home.

how to get pet hair off blankets in the wash

FAQ #2. How Do I Get Rid of Pet Hair in My Washer?

So, how to get rid of dog hair in the washing machine if you’ve washed a furry blanket? Many newer washers have a self-cleaning cycle that can be run monthly to rid your washer of lint and debris.

Older washers typically have a lint filter that works to screen out lint and pet hair, so it doesn’t clog the drain. Cleaning the lint filter regularly with these simple steps can avoid pet hair clogs:

  • Refer to your owner’s manual to locate your washer’s lint filter
  • If the lint screen is removable, remove it and soak it in a solution of warm water and detergent for 10 minutes.
  • While it dries, wipe away any lint from the filter’s location before replacing it.
  • A lint filter that can’t be removed can be wiped clean with a paper towel.

You should also check the drain pump to make sure it’s free of clumps and debris that can cause clogs. Front load washer pumps are usually located behind a small door near the bottom of the washer.

A top loader’s pump is usually in the back of the machine. Remove any visible debris from the drain pump and surrounding area every few months to avoid clogs.

FAQ #3. How Do I Prevent Damage to My Washer?

How to get pet hair off blankets in the wash begins before placing them in the washer. Here are some quick ways to remove dog and cat hair that can prevent washer damage:

  • Run blankets through a 10-minute dryer cycle to loosen pet hair, shaking the blanket out when the cycle ends. Clean out the dryer’s lint filter when the cycle is complete.
  • Roll a lint roller over the blanket
  • Apply friction by wearing rubber gloves or dragging rubber-soled shoes across the blanket
  • Layer strips of tape across the blanket and remove, pulling pet hair away

how to wash blankets with pet hair

FAQ #4. How Do I Wash Blankets with Pet Hair?

The best washing machine for pet hair is the one you own, as long as you use the right techniques.  Follow these steps to rid your blankets of pet hair and prevent washer damage:

  1. Run blanket through a 10-minute dryer cycle and shake it out
  2. Add half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to soften fabric and loosen hair
  3. Wash the blanket on a regular wash cycle by itself or with only a few other items so hair can drain easily
  4. Clean your washer by wiping down the washer tub and running an empty wash or cleaning cycle

How to get pet hair off blankets in the wash doesn’t have to be a challenge. However, Dave Smith Appliance Service is here for those washer issues that do prove challenging. Call us to help with any washer repair!

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