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How to Load a Bosch Dishwasher Properly

how to load silverware in the dishwasher

The best way to put your dishwasher to good use is to load it the right way. If you don’t know how to load a Bosch dishwasher, now is the time to learn!

These simple dishwasher loading tips will save you time and energy and maximize your dishwasher’s potential. It’s easier than you think!

Top 5 Tips for How to Load a Bosch Dishwasher

So what is the best way to load a Bosch dishwasher? Follow these steps:

#1 – Don’t Pre-Rinse Your Dishes

We are often asked, “Should you rinse dishes before putting in the dishwasher?” Well, no, you shouldn’t. It is important to scrape off large food chunks to get rid of surface debris, as this can accumulate and eventually clog the drain filter. But dish detergent actually works best when it reacts with the soiled dishes during the wash cycle.

Your Bosch dishwasher is beautifully engineered to thoroughly clean all your dishes by just scraping off food and loading it properly.

should you rinse dishes before putting in the dishwasher
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#2 – Load Silverware Basket Correctly

Knowing how to load a Bosch dishwasher includes correctly loading the silverware basket. This part is simple: forks and spoons should face soil-up and not be stacked/nesting within each other, (spoons against spoons) and knives point down for safety purposes. If you eat with chopsticks, you can choose to add the chopstick accessory to your silverware basket for easy and convenient cleaning.

how to load silverware in the dishwasher

#3 – Place Smaller Dishes on Top Rack

What’s the best way to load a Bosch dishwasher top rack? The top rack is a perfect place for larger utensils that don’t fit as well in the cutlery basket below. Place small, shallow items on the top rack to allow greater loading capacity on the bottom.

#4 – Place Cups on Middle Rack

Let’s move on to how to load a Bosch dishwasher’s middle rack. This rack has different levels of height adjustment making it perfect for cups, smaller plates and bowls, and wine glasses. Place cups, bowls, and glasses at an angle to allow water to drip off and avoid puddles.

If desired, you can use the wine glass accessory to secure wine glasses and further protect them during the wash cycle.

dishwasher loading tips

#5 – Put Large Dishes on Bottom Rack

Load the bottom rack with large items such as plates, bowls, pots, and pans. Adjust the tines as needed to accommodate each load. Always make sure the spray arm can spin freely without any obstruction.

what is the best way to load a bosch dishwasher
Image from Bosch

Now that you know how to load a Bosch dishwasher properly, you’ll save time and have spotless dishes after each cycle.

If you want your appliance to continue operating at peak performance, don’t forget regular maintenance and qualified Bosch dishwasher repair when needed. Our expert technicians at Dave Smith Appliance Service are just a phone call away!

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