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5 Troubleshooting Tips for a Samsung Oven Not Heating

Samsung oven not reaching temperature

An oven that won’t heat up can stop meal prep in its tracks. Wondering why is my Samsung oven not heating? Power issues may be cutting off its electrical supply. Determine the most likely reasons for an oven not heating up with these troubleshooting tips that pinpoint the problem. 

Help! Why is My Samsung Oven Not Heating Up?

A Samsung oven not heating up can have a variety of causes that require either a simple adjustment or a professional repair. Whether it’s power issues or a part malfunction, here’s how to diagnose common reasons for heating problems.

#1. Samsung Oven Door is Open

To begin troubleshooting oven not heating, first make sure the door is completely closed when the oven is on. As a safety precaution, a Samsung oven will shut off after 1 minute if the door is left open, even slightly. Always close the door completely when placing items in the oven, taking them out, or preheating before cooking.

#2. Power Supply Issues

Sometimes power issues are to blame for an oven not getting hot. Even gas ovens require electricity to power the control panel and other functions.

Here’s how to troubleshoot common power problems:

  • Ensure the oven is plugged into the right outlet: Electric ovens require a 240V outlet for adequate power, while gas ovens need a standard 120V circuit. 
  • Assess the cord and outlet for damage: Check the cord for fraying or tearing and replace it if necessary. To assess the outlet, unplug the oven and plug in a small appliance. If it doesn’t turn on, the outlet may be faulty and should be checked by an electrician.
  • Look for tripped breakers: Check your home’s circuit breaker box and reset any tripped breakers. Even if the oven’s breaker doesn’t appear tripped, turn it off, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on.

#3. “Demo” Mode is On

A Samsung oven not reaching temperature may be in Demo mode. This setting is primarily for showroom purposes to display the oven’s functions without enabling it to heat up. 

The control panel displays the following codes when a Samsung oven is in Demo mode:

  • tESt
  • tE 5t
  • d
  • DEMO

Consult your user manual to disable Demo mode on your model oven. In most cases, the Options button provides a list that includes Demo mode settings.

Samsung oven not heating
Image Credit: Samsung

#4. Defective Igniter

In gas ovens, a defective igniter is often responsible for a Samsung oven not heating up. The igniter must be able to gather enough electrical current to open the valve that allows gas to flow. It must then generate an electrical spark to light the gas. If the igniter is unable to perform these functions, the oven won’t heat.

How do you know if the igniter is defective? After turning on the oven, watch the igniter light the gas. If the gas takes more than 90 seconds to ignite, the igniter may be too weak. When the gas doesn’t light at all, confirm that the igniter is defective with multimeter testing. If it has no continuity, the igniter requires replacement.

#5. Broken Bake Element

For electric ovens, a broken bake element will result in a Samsung oven not heating properly. Located at the oven base, the bake element provides the majority of heat for baking and roasting. Unfortunately, a broken bake element is one of the most common self-cleaning oven dangers. The high temperatures of the self-clean setting can cause breaks and blistering that ultimately destroy the element’s function.

If the bake element appears damaged or multimeter testing shows a lack of continuity, a Samsung oven repair service should perform a replacement. 

The experts at Dave Smith Appliance can fix a Samsung oven not heating or resolve any other malfunction. Schedule your professional service today!

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