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Why is My Washer Leaking?

A leaking washing machine is a cause for concern because it not only indicates that something is wrong with the machine, but it can also cause significant water damage – especially if left unresolved. The best approach to fixing the problem is to seek the assistance of a qualified repair professional, but here are a few things you can do prior to placing a service call that will help diagnose the problem.

handle double wrench maintenance a Washing machine

Check the Hoses

Over time, hoses lose elasticity or clamps loosen, causing drips, leaks, and puddles. This is especially the case with large drain hoses that connect the tub to the pump and pump to the external drain. Check the back of the machine where the hose comes out and empties into the basin or drain. Evidence of rust, stains, or calcium deposits may indicate leaking hoses.

Faulty Pump

The pump draws water into the tub and then back out at the end of the washing cycle. Seals inside of the pump can become brittle after prolonged use. This usually requires a replacement part. If you notice that the washing machine is slow to fill or leaves clothes wet, it may be an indication of a faulty pump.

Too Much Detergent

Sometimes a leak does not necessarily indicate a problem with the machine. Using too much detergent or the wrong kind can cause overflow. This type of leak will only occur during the wash cycle. Fortunately, this is the only time when a leaking machine does not require the help of a professional!

If you are experiencing problems with your washing machine, we can help. With more than 30 years of experience, we will be able to quickly identify the problems above as well as any other issue that may be causing your washing machine to leak. Contact us today!



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