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How to Clean a Whirlpool Cooktop: The Ultimate Guide

clean whirlpool glass cooktop

Whirlpool cooktops are popular in many homes for their sleek design and variety of cooking options. However, they require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance and performance. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to clean electric, gas, induction, and glass cooktops. Then you can enjoy a sparkling clean Whirlpool cooktop again!

Get a Clean Whirlpool Cooktop with These Steps

In addition to reviewing how to clean gas stovetops, we will also answer some common questions about cooktop cleaning. So whether you’re dealing with spills, stains, or burnt-on food, we have the solution for you! Learn how to clean Whirlpool cooktops now.

clean gas cooktop

How to Clean Whirlpool Gas Cooktops

We’ll begin by reviewing how to clean gas cooktops and range burners.

Clean gas range burners are critical for your gas range top. Spills from regular use can eventually clog the fuel ports in sealed burners. This can lead to your range burners not lighting. Remove and clean the burner caps with warm, soapy water.

While they dry, clean the fuel ports located in the burner head. Use a paper clip to remove grease and other debris from the ports. Then, remove any remaining residue on the burner head and wipe dry. Once the burner caps are completely dry, place them back into position, and continue to clean the gas stove top using the following steps.

range burners won't light
Image Credit: Whirlpool

How Do You Clean the Cast Iron Grates on a Gas Stove?

If your gas stove has cast iron grates, you will need to clean them during this process. You can clean the metal with a washcloth or soft scrub brush and warm, soapy water.

Remove any grease or food buildup that may burn or drip onto your clean Whirlpool gas cooktop. Make sure the cast iron grates are completely dry before putting them back on the stove.

How to Clean Whirlpool Gas Range Knobs

If you’re learning how to clean range tops, you should always include cleaning the knobs as well. You can clean stove knobs with a rag using soap and water. Don’t use an abrasive pad, as this could wear the numbers off the knobs.

If this occurs, you may have to have a technician replace the entire control panel. Be sure you do not get too much water when cleaning, as water can get into the appliance and cause a dangerous short.

clean gas burners
Image Source: Whirlpool

Clean The Oven Door

Always clean the door when the appliance is completely cool. A heavy degreaser can be used on the outside of the door for hard-to-clean spills. Don’t use detergents or soaps on the inside of the appliance.

Clean Inside The Stove

You should clean the interior of your oven three to four times a year. Even if your model has a self-cleaning option, it is best to clean the appliance manually. To clean your oven, ensure it is cool. Then, apply an oven cleaner, such as vinegar and baking soda, and wipe clean.

Remember to wipe up spills when they occur, so they don’t become baked in, smoke, or possibly catch fire the next time you use the appliance.

Wash The Wire Racks

When the appliance is cooled, remove the racks. Allow them to soak in your kitchen sink for 10 minutes, and clean them with a normal dish sponge. If you have a self-cleaning range, do not leave the racks in while it is cleaning. This can cause the racks to warp and need to be replaced.

How to Clean Whirlpool Glass Cooktops and Induction Cooktops

For a clean Whirlpool glass cooktop, follow along with this guide. Unlike gas and electric models, glass and induction cooktops should never be cleaned with harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. To clean a glass top range, follow our easy guide below.

how to clean glass cooktop
Image Source: Whirlpool

How to Clean a Whirlpool Glass Cooktop

To clean a Whirlpool glass cooktop, start by turning off the power and heat. Clean spills with a wet cloth or sponge dipped in soapy water. Avoid using steel wool or scouring pads, as they can damage the surface.

Next, clean it with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to help remove any hard-to-remove stains. Finally, use a clean paper towel to buff the cooktop and give it a nice shine.

How Do You Clean a Burnt Glass Stovetop?

Are you wondering how to clean a glass top stove from stains and burns? If you have burned-on food on your glass cooktop, you can clean it with a razor or scraping tool. Use caution when using a razor, as this method can damage your cooktop.

Then, clean the glass cooktop surface with a wet cloth or sponge and soapy water. Finally, clean it with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to help remove stubborn stains.

clean glass stove top

What Is the Best Thing to Clean Glass Cooktop?

If you want an effective way to clean your glass cooktop, we recommend using the Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Kit. This kit includes a scrubbing pad, a bottle of cleaning paste designed to clean your cooktop without damaging its surface, and a scraping tool to clean off burned-in stains.

Now that you have a clean Whirlpool cooktop, remember to call a professional technician if you are having issues with your range or stove. Dave Smith Appliance Service can provide fast, reliable service and repairs for all major stoves, ranges, and other appliances. With years of experience in repair and service, you can trust our range and stove repair experts to get your appliances back up and running in no time.

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