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Troubleshoot Whirlpool Range Burners Sparking

whirlpool range sparks all the time

When Whirlpool range burners sparking catches your attention, it’s an indication that something is wrong. Some basic troubleshooting can help identify the problem so you can determine how to fix it or whether to call a professional for help.

Range burners spark for a number of reasons. We’ll help troubleshoot the most common culprits with our range sparking troubleshooting guide below. Take a look.

Common Causes for Whirlpool Range Burners Sparking

Is your Whirlpool gas stove sparking continuously? Some of the most common causes include faulty spark ignition switches and spark modules. *Before you do any troubleshooting, be sure to disconnect the range from power.

#1: Spark Ignition Switch Defective

Whirlpool range burners sparking is frequently an indication of a defective spark ignition switch. This switch sends voltage to the spark module. Power should flow to the spark module when the electrical contacts close inside the switch. If the switch fails when the contacts are closed, it will send continuous voltage to the spark module causing constant sparking to occur.

Use a multimeter to test each of the spark ignition switches. If a spark ignition switch shows continuity at all settings, it needs to be replaced.

range burners spark all the time

#2: Spark Ignition Switch and Harness Failure

You can find Whirlpool range burners sparking when the spark ignition switch and harness fail. If the switch contacts are stuck in a closed position or have gotten wet, the switch will send continuous voltage to the spark module regardless of where the dial is set. This creates a gas stove popping noise and is evidence of a part failure.

First, check to make sure the switches are not wet. This usually happens from pots with liquid boiling over and splattering into the burner housing. If spray cleaners have been used aggressively, wet switches can also occur when you clean your range. If moisture is present, give them time to dry out completely.

If they are dry, check to see if the switches are shorted. You can test each switch individually to determine if any need to be replaced.

#3: Spark Module Not Working

Symptoms of Whirlpool range burners sparking can be caused by the spark module not working. The spark module sends power to each surface burner spark electrode. The burners may continue to spark if the spark module is defective.

Only replace the spark module if you have already checked the spark ignition switch and confirmed it is working properly. If the spark ignition switch is fine, then the spark module may be to blame and should be replaced.

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